hi i'm shark and this is my dumb art blog
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-strums guitar-


triple f life

And another sonico but genderbent this time! It was a doodle form my twitter from awhile ago but I never posted it. ୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨

I can’t stop drawing elins ヾ( ; ▽ ;  )ゝ they’re just so much fun to draw„

This one is for a friend of mine from our guild, Rawrgasm !

Des’ elin from tera!! she’s very fun to draw

Some art and doodles I did with Key! I drew her utau Nazo! uvu She drew her character Kagi and pumkin from Baman and Piderman. (click on the pictures for better quality)

Yourt art is so beautiful man, wonderful sketch!
Thank you so much!!!!!

inked super sonico doodle from my twitter

i want to color it but i only have skin tone copics :((

 I’m so sick and tired of everyone telling you what you want. 
Galaxy texture